The Feast of Trumpets: A Mystery?

Mark the Fall Feasts 2017-2020 on your calendar!

After Pentecost there is a long dry summer, without any biblical feast. But in the autumn the first feast is the Feast of Trumpets. When the new moon becomes visible in Israel in September 2017 the feast will begin. At first glance it might seem that the Bible gives little explanation regarding this day of the awakening trumpet call, and perhaps it may always remain a mysterious day to the world around us. But what a day it will be when the heavenly Bridegroom comes for His Bride on this specific day on the calendar.

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Passover or Easter?

Some believe that God has replaced Passover with the observance of Easter as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection. But is that correct? 

Easter and Passover were celebrated on the same calendar day until the 4th century A.D. Although the early church focused on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation through Christ was always associated with the deliverance of the Jewish people out of Egypt. However, this aspect changed over time.

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Pentecost Renewed: The Return of God’s Glory

When asked about the biblical meaning of Pentecost, we often say it is the day that God poured out His Holy Spirit. This answer is very relevant to the New Covenant meaning of Pentecost while the origins of this feast actually go back to a time more than 1500 years before that. This New Covenant pouring out of the Holy Spirit happened as the Feast of Weeks was being celebrated in Jerusalem.

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