Bankaccount nr. NL89 INGB 0006 7819 19
a.t.t.n. Stichting Wake Up! Foundation, Amstelveen, The Netherlands


The Wake Up Foundation is registered in the Netherlands as a “Public Benefit Organisation” (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). At least 90% of the efforts of an ANBI have to be focused on the general good. Because of this, in the Netherlands your donations are deductible from taxable income. Please ask your tax advisor if this is applicable to your country as well.


Name Stichting Wake Up! Foundation
CoC-number 62350528
RSIN 854781791
Legal Entity Foudation (Stichting)
Statutory Name Stichting Wake Up! Foundation
Statutory Seat Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Visit Address Somerweide 61, 4824 EX Breda, The Netherlands
Postal Address PO Box 9003, 1180 MA Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Email info (at)